About Us

loveVintageDiamonds.com is an online-only Antique and Vintage Diamond Jewellery store


After over forty years of trading in retail and building a reputation for exemplary quality and service, we (founders Barbara & Gordon) retired from our store in Skipton, North Yorkshire to take up our new location on the internet.

What began as a small designer-goldsmith workshop in 1977 soon grew into an inspirational jewellery emporium offering not only one-off pieces, but ranges of the best examples of design-led precious-metal jewellery. Then, in 1992, we answered our calling to a shared and true passion for Antique and Vintage Jewellery – particularly, but not exclusively, diamond-set – by introducing it as another side to our retail business.

The Antique and pre-owned Estate Jewellery side of the business became the main driving force … we are known far and wide for the impressive and extensive selection of Art Deco, Victorian, Edwardian, and all Vintages of diamond jewellery, and for many in all corners of the globe as their favourite Jeweller.

Our business cards were alledgedly propped up in a prominient position in many a household from Skipton to Seattle, and from Sydney to Stockholm – (usually as a hint that a certain someone was hoping to receive one of our delectable pieces).

As our choice is matched only by the superb value we offer, we have successfully been turning your vintage diamond dreams into your reality for many years, and we hope to continue …

Our passion for Antique & Vintage Jewellery and Diamonds is as strong today as ever.


Having retired from our established retail business and relocated to our online home at loveVintageDiamonds.com we continue to Internationally source only the very best examples of original Antique and Vintage Diamonds from our extensive trusted contacts.

What we offer now is a simplified concept together with EVEN BETTER VALUE!!   – we find the best examples of Antique and Vintage Jewellery for you - at the best prices.

Whether you are looking for an irrisitible Vintage piece; an addition to a collection; have a specific requirement; or are seeking to replace a treasured item, - we hope you will come to loveVintageDiamonds.com

We also work in partnership with Jewellery stores.


Anywhere and everywhere

We buy Internationally and we sell Internationally


You can shop online 24/7

You can email us 24/7

We will endeavour to respond within 3 working days


We hope we have streamlined loveVintageDiamonds.com in a way that will make the process of buying your Vintage diamonds more pleasurable and less complex;

Firstly, we hope we have taken the pain out of choosing your perfect diamonds … as we are exceedingly selective, you can trust in the quality of the pieces we have on offer and simply choose from the best of the best.

Secondly, we hope we have made the process of buying online as simple and as safe as can be … both parties should have mutual security in the transaction. Therefore, we have cut through the options that require us to triple check and verify the payment ten times! ...

You either pay direct to our bank, or use Paypal (which you can do with a credit card and without the need for a Paypal account). When payment is verified we will release the item to the registered address.


It is our mission to make life simpler, sparklier, and safer online for you and for ourselves.

Lastly: If you have been directed to loveVintageDiamonds.com as one of our truly valued customers, you will know that we care about your satisfaction as much as we care about the jewellery. If you are ‘meeting’ us for the first time, we will do everything to ensure we will want to do business together again.