Divine Old Sapphire & Pearl Necklace



It is difficult to describe in words what appeals to one's senses about this necklace, but that it certainly does!  Perhaps the best way to describe the 'feel' of this necklace is to say that it conjures up angelic images, with the top part of the pendant representing the angel's wings.  The calming cornflower blue of the two sapphires and the soft, pretty cream colours of the pearls, all set in mille-grain-edged collet-settings, all adds to the peacefulness that eminates from this necklace.  The chain is a pretty fancy-link, small bow-like links that are intertwined, which perfectly complements the pendant.  The length of the pendant part of the necklace is almost 2" and the chain measures approximately 15".  The overall weight of the necklace is approximately 3.9gms. 

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